Lydia Kickliter

Individual Therapy | EMDR

If you are a woman and you want to find a way back to yourself, want to remember who you were before you started to believe the lies the world told you about who you should be, then you have come to the right place.

Lydia Kickliter

I am a certified EMDR therapist who would love to help you navigate your way to clearing out the traumas of your past and making way for the real you.

You have always been there, but the untruths women have been told over the course of their lifetimes have a way of gunking up the channels of her soul. When a woman is fed a steady diet of lies about who she is supposed to be in this world, she needs a guide such as myself to help her find her way back to herself. She needs a no bullshit flashlight in the darkness to help her see the truth of herself.

I love to help women remember who they are. It’s not always easy and honestly, some women leave before we find her way home. But for those who stay, it’s an exciting journey!


The change process is such an interesting process. Most of us want to change something about ourselves. Equally as many of us have defenses that arise in the change process which get in the way of that much desired change. As one of my clients and I have discovered together, I have gotten really skilled, “Matrix-like” at getting around most defenses. One of the gifts I’ve developed from many years of listening with my heart is that I can hear and see the noise of my client’s defenses. When the defenses reveal themselves in the counseling relationship, I present my client with the opportunity to come up with a new answer instead of a defense. That’s one of the dances of therapy we will do together.

Here are some of the things that get me jazzed to dance these days:

Working through the muck of guilt that was given to you and not earned (ie guilt passed down in your family);

Setting boundaries as an act of self and other love.

Helping create a healthier relationship to body and food as an act of rebellion against the patriarchy!

Helping create new pathways of thought in your brain.

Healing the hurts of the past.

Helping to create a life where you can give yourself permission to release the hustle.

Recognizing your innate value.

Creating healthy relationships.


I consider the relationships I have with my clients and the work we do together to be sacred. There is something much bigger than me, my client, the room, the relationship, all of it, happening when we meet to heal and I do my best to honor that.

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